How to find quality senior care in California

How to find quality senior care in California

Searching for a good senior care service that’s reliable, friendly, professional and affordable can be an overwhelming task. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Here are some guidelines to consider when looking for senior care services in California.

Determine your needs

When looking for a caregiver, it would be wise to consider the amount of care we will typically need on a daily basis. For instance, If we only need help with daily activities such as bathing or laundry, a basic caregiver will suffice. If we’re leaving a hospital, then we will need more of a quality caregiver.

Once the level of care is decided, figure out how much assistance will be needed. For instance, do we need help just a few days a week to help with bathing, cleaning, or grocery shopping? or do we need more intensive care that requires 24-hour assistance?

Selecting a quality senior care provider

caregiver and seniorAfter determining our needs, we need to acquire qualifying home health care providers. Here is a checklist when looking for a quality senior care provider:

How long has this provider been in business? The longer the company has been in business, the higher the chances you ensuring a good care provider.

Does the company hire contractors or their own employees? This is usually an issue during tax seasons. When dealing with an independent contractor, we are essentially their employer and have to deal with their taxes. Dealing with an agency who deals taxes for their own employee’s will save us a headache.

What types of licenses/certifications do the caregivers have? To ensure that we are receiving effective care make sure caregivers are CPR certified, Have proper licensing from the CA department of Social Services, and are FBI, DOJ, TB test clearance.

What types of training are caregivers receiving? To ensure that we are receiving the highest quality care, caregivers should have proper experiencing including in classroom settings and hands-on training.

Are caregivers available 24/7? A provider available 24 hours a day, seven days a week will better be able to hand any emergency situations.

Does the provider offer free or paid consultation? Most quality in home care providers provides free consultation. Be wary of any agencies who are charging for a consultation.

These are all relevant and important factors to consider when selecting a health care provider.

A good place to start asking would be your local doctor, friends or family, hospitals, or researching online ourselves. Once you have gathered a list of prospective providers, plan to call them directly to find out how they operate. Check their reviews from social listings such as Yelp of Facebook, and even go as far as calling the Better Business Bureau and see what they say.

Once you have conducted a free consultation, be sure to ask relevant questions such as:

  • How does your company protect my families privacy?
  • What are your procedures for handling emergencies?
  • How will each service be documented?
  • Will the caretaker be adjusted towards my family’s need?
  • Are there any limitations to what caregivers can provide?
  • Who will be the person in charge in case of complaints or questions?

By following these guidelines, you should have a list of the best quality senior home care providers that will best suit you and/or your loved ones need.

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