How Midwifes can benefit from chiropractic care

How Midwifes can benefit from chiropractic care

At chiropractic schools, students receive special training on what it entails to adjust pregnant women. This is vital because expectant women, although in a more delicate condition, can receive numerous benefits from chiropractic care. Therefore, women who are seeking holistic care from their doctors can receive both pre-and-post-natal care and take advantage of various great benefits, without having to worry about any risks for side effects.

While all chiropractors generally undergo training to adjust pregnant women, there are some who receive even more advanced training to become specialists in this field. Midwives who may be interested in seeking advice from such individuals are thus advised to look out for chiropractors who have certifications such as DACCP, CACCP, and Member of the ICPA- all of which are specifically targeted at pregnancy care and issued through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).


womens chiropractic careAs a midwife, no matter which chiropractor takes you under their tutelage in order to learn how to better manage pregnant women, here are 4 benefits that you can receive through seeing such specialists as follows:

1. Restoring poor posture

During pregnancy, many women, inevitably, have issues with back pain owing to the extra weight that they must carry in front of their body. A protruding abdomen can increase the curvature of the back and cause pain as well as posture issues. However, chiropractors can help restore proper body posture and prevent the stresses of pregnancy on the body from causing enduring pain and posture issues.

2. Restoring pelvic balance

Pregnant women are synonymous with having issues with their pelvic balance, with many experiencing pelvic changes over the course of their pregnancy. When the pelvis is mis-aligned, it can restrict the amount of room that a developing baby has. Chiropractors can adjust this issue (also referred to as intrauterine constraint) by adjusting the pelvis. This should help lessen the chances of requiring a cesarean delivery or having breeched babies.

3. Controlling pregnancy-related symptoms

Chiropractic care is known to reduce some of the uncomfortable symptoms that are associated with pregnancy. Such regular care can help women maintain their health during pregnancy, control the symptoms of nausea, and relieve neck and joint pain.

4. Reduce time spent on labor and delivery

Since pregnant women who receive chiropractic care are also taking care of their nervous system, many have pleasantly found that when it comes to crunch time, their bodies are better prepared to handle the rigors of childbirth. When the nervous system is in prime condition, the rest of the body works as it ought to. With this in mind, many expectant women who receive chiropractic care over the course of their pregnancy have shorter labor and delivery times.

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